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Qingdao Sailaiou High Temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established on May 9, 2014. The English name is Zircool, and the official website is The company's products include zirconia slides and nozzles, slab continuous casting, billet continuous casting, quick replacement nozzles, tundish upper nozzles, converter slag blocking sliding bricks, converters Slag blocking mechanism, zirconium bowl, zirconium core and zirconium bowl, thickened upper zirconium core, quick change zirconium core, upper zirconium core, lower zirconium core, zirconia plate, zirconia setter plate, special-shaped zirconium bowl, long zirconium plate , PSZ high-temperature structural ceramics, TZP structural ceramics, ZTA wear-resistant ceramics, magnesium-zirconium ceramics, zirconia structural ceramics, wear-resistant ceramics, etc.
01. Create an advanced brand of high-temperature ceramic enterprises
Qingdao Sailaiou High Temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd. (zircool) specializes in the production and sales of full-scale and full-category high-temperature ceramic products: ceramic products, refractory materials, kilns and so on. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has been adhering to the brand strategy of high-temperature ceramics for 10 years , and has won the title of "China's High-temperature Ceramics Industry Brand" successively with an intelligent production system.
03. Focus on product innovation
(zircool) inherits and adheres to the brand gene of modern fashion, elegance and simplicity, synchronizes with the international design trend, and creates a superior space. In the future, we will focus more on the design and production of innovative high-temperature ceramic series products, and create high-temperature ceramic innovations and high-temperature-resistant ceramic products that continue to improve in innovation.
02. Keep improving and keep the same quality
Qingdao Sailaiou High-temperature Ceramics Co., Ltd. (zircool) has always fully utilized advanced high-temperature ceramic technology and management models, insisted on scientific management, technological innovation, and talent specialization as the cornerstone of enterprise development, and adhered to the principle of making high-temperature ceramic products with heart The survival philosophy of the company focuses on high-temperature ceramic series products, product portfolios of all categories, and builds an excellent brand company in the high-temperature ceramic industry.
High temperature ceramic advantage
high hardness
The Rockwell hardness of polyalumina is HRA80-90, second only to diamond, far exceeding the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel
light weight
The density of high temperature resistant ceramic material is 3.7~3.95g/cm³, which is only half of that of steel, which can greatly reduce the load on equipment
The wear resistance of high temperature resistant ceramic materials is 266 times that of manganese steel. Under the same conditions, the service life can be extended by more than ten times
Strong water absorption
The water absorption rate of high-temperature ceramics is less than 0.2%. The product is easy to clean and will not absorb odors, and there will be no cracks on the glazed surface and local water leakage.

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